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Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich

What you have on hand this is the best-selling book by Napoleon Hill. Known worldwide for being one of the most influential books in history, this manuscript has sold over 60 million copies. Think and Grow Rich, presents the formula to amass fortune, proving that the recipe for success is timeless. And plan on keeping all the originality of this masterpiece, the publisher Citadel, after signing a strong partnership with The Napoleon Hill Foundation, decided to launch the 1937 original manuscript in its most faithful version. A Brazilian production, for lovers of American literature and for those wishing to improve their English with enriching content.

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Categoria: Autoajuda / Crescimento Pessoal
ISBN: 978-85-68014-06-6
Formato: Livro brochura (paperback)
Páginas: 288
Selo: Citadel

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill começou a carreira de escritor aos 13 anos como “repórter da montanha” e se tornou o autor motivacional mais amado da América. Faleceu em novembro de 1970 após…

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